John K. Fulweiler has litigated and arbitrated lawsuits for more than twelve years and his advocacy has been reported on by such publications as Sounding's TradeOnly Today, the international shipping newspaper, TradeWinds, and the Boat Owners' Association of the United States' Consumer Protection Bureau.  He regularly speaks on topics concerning admiralty and maritime law, and maintains a popular blog with WorkBoat Magazine. 


Publications:  (A complete list is available upon request.)


Cleaner Seas Magazine;; New England Fisheries News;; Southern Boating; The Good Old Boat; The Marine Assistance Industry Journal; The Women's Maritime Association Newsletter;; WorkBoat Magazine, et al.


Published Articles:  (A complete list is available upon request.)


  Refreshing your knowledge of marine salvage.  Cleaner Seas Magazine, 2010.

  Is your boat a lemon?, 2009.

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  Practical legal advice for boaters., 2008.

  Finding an admiralty lawyer., 2008.

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  The law supports teamwork.  WorkBoat Magazine, 2004.

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  Gender in the Context of a Marine Injury: A Losing Argument,, 2002.

  Boarding Basics: What to expect when the U.S. Coast Guard invites themselves aboard.  The Good Old Boat.

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