Maritime Vendor Legal Program

An Affordable Alternative to Maritime Legal Services





Regular access to an attorney and maritime legal counsel would be great, but it costs too much . . . .  Folks say that all the time and unfortunately, it's true.  Legal representation is expensive and, worse still, it's hard to find an attorney who knows your unique business. 


Unpaid invoices, insurance, billing disputes, warranty and repair issues, consumer complaints, maritime liens, environmental concerns, state and federal fines, unfavorable internet comments, franchise and licensing  questions, the Jones Act & LHWCA, defective products, governmental compliance, regulatory actions, contract wording, pollution worries, lawsuits and privacy issues are just some of the problems that maritime businesses encounter.  Many will attempt to deal with these issues themselves which is like navigating the shoals without a chart. 


Join the Maritime Vendor Legal Program ("MVLP") and obtain around-the-clock (24/365) immediate access to an experienced admiralty attorney and counselor at law. 


            Retainer Fee:  $49/month or $500/yearly.


The MVLP's retainer entitles you to: 


- Unlimited direct dial access to an admiralty attorney and counselor at law. 

- Free telephone calls between our office and yours.

- Free review of contracts or invoices, editing of certain letters and other

   legal services up to the plan amount.

- Preferred attorney fee rate on all litigations, arbitrations and proceedings.

- Free yearly seminar on maritime legal issues and risk avoidance at your business.

- Free subscription to a quarterly newsletter on maritime law developments.

- Ability to share your privileged attorney fee rate with five qualifying persons or businesses.


Please note:  Access to this law firm retainer program is restricted to those in the maritime industry or those that regularly supply services or products to the maritime industry.  Terms and Conditions apply and MVLP is not available in some states.  If you're not sure you qualify or to learn more, please telephone 401-667-0977. 

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